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404-me-not: A browser extension for finding missing webpages

It's amazing how small efficiencies can add up. Like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets larger at faster rates as its surface area grows, the benefits you get from saving seconds today can compound and lead to significant advantages in the long run.


With that in mind, I'm announcing today the public release of 404-me-not, a time-saving extension for Google Chrome and related browsers (Chromium-based Chromodo, SRWare Iron, Opera, etc.). This free add-on helps web surfers locate missing pages by reducing significantly the effort needed to simultaneously search the Wayback Machine (a massive database of archived webpages) and their favorite search engine. Try it out or see the demonstration below for more information!

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Three Tips I Left Out of My New Guide for Small Business Websites

If you ever tried to compile a list of 100 related ideas, you probably found that it can be challenging. When I began to write my new guide for small business websites, 101 tips seemed like it would be a nice number. Besides being numerous, 101 has the "basics" connotation that would be appropriate as the guide is not intended for advanced webmasters. However, around 25 my idea stream started to slow pretty substantially and I eventually settled on 33 tips and three code snippets. Still, I did leave out some tips that readers might have found worthwhile. Here are three of them:

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A Tool for Better Event Promotion Online

If you're familiar with the concept of rich snippets, which are search results highlighting key web page content, you might know that they can help with event promotion and search engine optimization (SEO). You might also find, as I did, that there aren't any easy-to-find, fully-featured, Google-compliant tools for creating the structured data (see schema.org) search engines need to render rich snippets for events. I've created such a tool, in the form of a free spreadsheet you can download below.

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